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Pentafloor™ is built on strong brands with a rich heritage and an unrivalled track record together with the highest international standards in quality and production. All of our brands have been serving the networking environment jointly for more than 60 years. During all of these years, industry experts have been innovating, developing and designing systems in close collaboration with the end-user, to meet the high expectations and requirements of customers and professionals alike, this in an ever evolving data and networking environment. The end result is a portfolio of brands, each among the most acknowledged in the access flooring industry, to ensure that you have the best solution, no matter the complexity or size of your project

Pentafloor™ has fast become the leading supplier of high quality Access flooring in Southern Africa. Through strategic placement of our manufacturing division on the African continent as well as in Asia, our Trading arm and logistics partners guarantee that we can deliver a cost effective superior solution to meet our clients access flooring requirements anywhere on the Globe. Expert consultants have applied their individual experience and expertise into the design and manufacture of our unique patented products. Over 1000 000 square meters of our Access flooring is produced and installed all over the globe annually, in countries including South Africa to the Middle East, Spain, Brazil, India, Dubai, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Eastern Europe , Russia and Hong Kong

Pentafloor™ is the largest access flooring company in South Africa and on the continent, this after acquiring the Donn Solidfeel manufacturing plant in Wadeville in 2012. We are also proud to avail the only testing facility in Africa outside of the SABS.

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