Commercial carpet tiles to cover your raised access flooring

Flooring in most office spaces can look dull, boring and most of all uninviting. It has been proven that carpets or rugs make a place, whether office or home, more inviting. Before considering carpet tiles or any type of flooring in the office space, you need to consider protecting your computer cabling. Find out about what type and design of commercial carpet tiles to purchase to cover your raised access flooring so that you can have the best of both worlds.

There is a need to have raised access flooring in a number of different areas within the offices. The only problem is that some companies are reluctant to use them because they are not aesthetically pleasing. Now it is possible to actually have a beautiful carpeted area, while using raised access flooring through commercial carpet tiles.

There are many companies that are coming on board to align themselves with access floor companies and create commercial carpet tiles for them. There is a need to have an access floor but there is no reason why you should be stuck with drab carpet tiles just because they need to be removed easily. Instead, you can now find the perfect colour and design for your flooring. One of the most popular suppliers of commercial carpet tiles is Shaw.

Shaw has a fantastic range of designs to choose from. On top of this they have the revolutionary Ecowork backing which is a cradle to cradle system. This means that the system is fully recyclable and can be used again and again. This is especially important in this day and age, where it is becoming essential to have a green lifestyle both at home and at work. The designs are dense and rich and will keep the secrets that are hidden underneath the access floor while being aesthetically pleasing.


You can choose from any of the following designs and so much more for your commercial carpet tiles:

  • Mirror Image- Opaque Black
  • Petro Intrinsic-Tarmac
  • Transparent-Blue Moon, Oxide and Moonstone
  • Luminosity-Tahitian Pearls and Black Cashmere
  • Diffuse-Magnetic Fields
  • Disperse-Movement

From access flooring to carpet tiles – your office space will be more welcoming …

Making sure that your office has the best flooring, whether it be access flooring or commercial carpet tiles, Penta Floor is the company of choice. With access to a wide range of products in flooring, Penta Floor will find and advise you of the most suitable flooring for your type of business and office space. The secret to successful flooring is being able to, not only provide the perfect flooring solution, but to make sure that the flooring is elegant and is done in such a way that all cables and piping is safe. Penta Floor is the right company to choose for all your office flooring needs. For more information on what Penta Floor can offer you, visit

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