Make sure you include access flooring in the designs for your new business

You have finally decided to make your mark on the world and open up your own business. If you are designing everything from scratch then you need to know about the tricks of the trade. Make sure that you include access flooring in the designs for your new business.

If you are working with a good architect than they will understand the importance of access flooring. To keep you both on the same page you also need to equip yourself with why access flooring is a must for your premises. The first aspect that you need to consider, is how hard you have worked towards achieving this dream. You have finally been presented with the opportunity to build your own premises and open up the doors of possibility. Now imagine that being ruined because you did not put the correct design factors in place, it would be absolutely devastating.

This is what you need to know about access floors so that they will be included in your designs. Firstly, in their most simple of forms, they will keep all of that important cabling and piping out of view and safe. There is a skeleton of every building that is not seen by the naked eye because the walls or floors are covering it. Once all of these aspects have been placed down securely and linked up to wherever they need to go the access floor will be built above it. This is done by using floor panels, pedestals and stringers. This type of flooring can be used all over your new building, but is also extremely important to have in your server room if nowhere else.

Which brings you to the next point. The server room is the life blood of any building. Which is why it needs to be kept cool and free of static electricity. The second way in which an access floor is useful, is the fact that it can create distributed air flow throughout the building. A plenum chamber is created by the void between the original flooring and access flooring. This chamber then distributes the cool air evenly. By doing this it will obviously stop the cables from overheating which is extremely important in a server room. To make the distribution even better you should consider using perforated tiles. These tiles should be placed directly under the computer systems in your server room. The air flow will come up through them and keep the systems in perfect working order.

Once all of this has been installed you will have a safer working environment. The server room can be a dangerous place if it is not set up properly and rules are not followed. Cable spaghetti is often one of the biggest problems, by having the access floor you will not have to worry about your cables being messy and entangled in one another, nor overheating.

Get your access floor from us

Once your designs are finished you need to partner up with us at Penta Floorto install your access floor. Visit our website to find out more about our services.

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