Places where access flooring is needed

Everyone is talking about access flooring and how it has helped to change their businesses. What you may not know is the places where access flooring is needed in your place of work. All of your questions about access flooring, its function and how you can go about installing it are about to be answered.

Firstly you need to know exactly what access flooring is. Quite simply it is a raised floor that is elevated above that of your sub floor. Your sub floor will normally be made out of wood or concrete. The raised floor that is created is in complete working order. The second aspect about raised flooring that needs to be addressed is why it is useful. A raised floor is a practical way to make sure that certain items like power cables and other wiring are secure and safely in place. On top of that the floor will create a space that is known for increasing even air distribution, keeping your cables cool and preventing electrical fires.

These two reasons alone should be enough for you to want to install an access floor at your business. However, you might not know where exactly you should place one to get the most out of it.

The reality is no matter what type of business you are running you can benefit from one of these systems. One of the main rooms that will utilize this floor is the computer server room. Big corporations will have a mainframe computer that sits in a room like this. These computers require many cables to function properly and protecting these cables is a necessity. With the technology behind these systems you can guarantee that your cables will be protected under the safety of the floor. You will have complete access to the cables when necessary as the flooring is comprised or removable floor panels.

This solution has made the leap from just being utilized in computer server rooms to being placed in the following institutions:

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Retail stores
  • Broadcasting studios

The reality is that any place of business that requires cabling and other aspects to be protected needs an access floor. Some systems have even been upgraded to include technology that can protect from floods. Any damage to property can be crippling financially, having access to a solution that can prevent this from happening is certainly a good idea. On top of that, it is extremely easy to install and maintain. Were you to run into any problems that needs to be fixed without replacing the whole flooring you can simply replace and fix the issue. Even if all you need is a new floor panel, this can be easily arranged. It is beneficial to have this system in place to prevent any accidents and technical problems from happening

Where to get an access floor

Here at Penta Floor we can provide you with a one of a kind system that is easy to install. We have dedicated our business to providing a number of different access flooring solutions that can work for any business. For more information visit our website

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