Why access floors are the IT solutions for your server rooms

Did you know that your server room is the hub of your business? If you did not then you probably also don’t know why access floors are the IT solution for your server rooms. Protecting this room at your business is absolutely essential if you want to run a successful business.

Computers are very delicate pieces of machinery. One minute they will be working fine and the next minute they will start to malfunction and in these cases there is often very little you can do to stop it. The chance of your computer crashing or running into problems is at a greater risk if it is the main frame computer for the entire building. Protecting this computer from running into any troubles needs to be considered otherwise you will be stuck dealing with a situation where productivity drops. There are many IT solutions out there that can be used in your server room. Equipping your main frame computer with the essentials like anti-virus software and providing regular updates, is however only the beginning. One of the most sensitive areas for your computer is, in fact, the cabling itself.

How can you protect your cabling from damage? Quite simply all you need to do is get an access floor installed into your server room. This might seem like a simple solution but many companies will overlook it. The cabling for your computer needs to be protected for two reasons; damage could jeopardize the functionality of the computer and exposed cables can cause accidents in the office. One of your employees could trip over a cable or even worse receive an electric shock from one if it has been damaged in any way. An access floor can provide you with the solution to avoid these scenarios.

The access floor will protect all of the cabling. The cabling will first be plugged into all the relevant areas on the computer as well as plug points. Once this is done they will be strapped down to the original floor in neat formations. The access floor, will then be built over the cabling, providing you with a floor above a floor. This design is flawless, as you cannot even tell that the cabling is below your feet. This type of flooring also helps to create airflow, helping to keep the cables cool. This is a great advantage as computers can get extremely hot and if they overheat they can malfunction. The floor is made up of removable floor panels, providing you with access to the cabling whenever you need. Your IT solution for your server room is much more than just having the best equipment, you also need to protect that equipment with an access floor.

Are access floors easy to install?

Access floors are easy to install, but need to be done by the professionals. Here at Penta Floor® we can provide you with the solutions you need for a safe server room. Get your access floor today by simply visiting our website www.pentafloor.co.za.

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