About Access Flooring

Our strategic alliances with our manufacturing channel, guarantees that we can deliver a cost-effective superior solution to your access flooring requirements. Experts have applied their individual experience and expertise into the design and manufacture of our unique patented products. Over 500 000 square meters of our access flooring is produced and installed all over the globe annually, in countries including South Africa, Spain, Dubai, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our products are produced in an ISO 9001 certified production facility. There are strict quality controls, on all components to ensure our product meets the highest international standards at all times.

What is an access floor system?

Simply put, an access floor system is an elevated floor area upon another floor (typically a concrete slab in a building). This raised floor consists of 600 x 600mm floor panels, generally manufactured with steel sheets, welded construction filled with lightweight cement to provide a strong, quiet accessible floor structure that is supported by adjustable under structure support pedestals. The space between the raised floor and the slab allow you to cost-effectively run any of your building services, including electric power, data, telecom/voice, environmental control and air conditioning, fire detection and suppression, security and so on. Removable access floor panels make it fast and easy to reach underfloor systems. The entire system removes the complexities of moving walls to reconfigure work spaces to improve speed of construction and reduce costs.
These are certainly speciality floors and are supported by years of experience, research and discovery. The end product is what is deemed the best in the industry. With clients across South Africa, and the world, for that matter, we have an impressive client list.

Access floor systems can be placed in virtually any application, such as:

. Server Rooms . General offices . Telecom closets
. Data Centres . Conference rooms . Banks
. Call Centres . Casinos . Laboratories
. Clean rooms & labs . Lobby / reception areas . Training facilities
. Auditoriums . Print rooms . Telecommunication Centres
. Computer rooms . Libraries & archives . Cafeterias / break rooms


Why is Access Flooring Used?

The modern office uses a large number of data cables, power cables, telephone cables, plumbing, electricity and air conditioning. Not only can this present Health & Safety issues but also Office Managers can often need to re-arrange the office quickly and easily.

. Allows for piping, ducting, and wiring to run beneath the floor. Reduces clutter.
. Allows through-the-floor air flow and provides underfloor plenum path for return
. Modular
. Removable, easily reconfigured

Raised access flooring is the solution, as it creates a fully accessible floor void under which all the services can be run and it allows for the easy re-configuration of any office. Power, telephone and data access points can be mounted directly into raised access floor tiles by the use of floor-boxes.
The void can also be used to meet modern offices air-conditioning needs - as warm rises it is more efficient to move air in the floor void and deliver it to exactly where it is needed using air-grilles and specially modified air flow tiles.

Raised access flooring also has the advantage that it can be used on a sub-floor that has different levels and thus removing the need for steps and ramps.

Quality Control

The quality of our products is the foundation for our guarantee and instils confidence in our customers. Our product undergoes a stringent quality control process that includes testing with advanced analytical equipment in a dedicated testing centre. This guarantees our products comply with or exceed industry standards with a 100% pass rate. All products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 accredited facility.

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