Why it is wise to use access flooring within your server room?

Why should you use access floors? What are access floors? This is a term that you may not be entirely familiar with, but it is a term that you should know more about if you are in a work environment. When it comes to safety in the workplace, measure of utmost security should be taken. There is nothing worse than someone getting severely injured on your premises, so, as an employer, you want to make sure that you are prepared for any kind of situation. You also need to make sure that you are protected against any accidents that could come back to bite you.

What are access floors?

An access floor is a floor that gets built on top of another floor in order to hide things like cables. The reason that this type of floor is so popular is the fact that it serves to secure places like server rooms, where there are cable all over the place, but where people need to work and be kept safe. A good access floor will be able to hold the weight of any of the objects placed on top of it, meaning that your main server access box can be on top of the access floor, while all the hazardous cables can be underneath. The same can be done in an office or school space, especially where there are a lot of copiers or other electronics with cables present. This serves to make sure that both you and your students will be kept safe.

You can also place your office on an access floor to avoid any injuries to your staff.

What does an access floor consist of?

The access floors are made up of three different parts. The first part is the floor planks. These are the planks that will be visible to everyone and that will cover the floor below it. The second part is the pedestal. The pedestal refers to the mechanism that holds up the floor planks and keeps them separate from the floor below. The third part is the stringer. This is the mechanism that holds the pedestals together and secures them in place. There are quite a few floor options when it comes to the type of flooring that you choose. You can have anything from cherry wood to laminate.

The reason why it is called an access floor is that the floor can be lifted at any time so that you can gain access to the cables at the bottom, should you need to do maintenance. Having an access floor in your server room is a great idea simply because it will minimise the tripping hazard and also minimize the damage to your cables while someone repairs them.

Here at Pentafloor®, we are the experts in access flooring, and we will be happy to install your access floor for you. With our floors, you will never be safer.

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