Access Floors That Are Raised for an Array of Applications

Access floors raised from the floor of a building offer a unique innovation in organisational, operational and storage schemes for your business. Access floors provided by Pentafloor® perform the function of improvement splendidly and our unfailing dedication to service excellence lends itself to our main goal: Access flooring for all businesses...

This may seem to be a somewhat unfounded goal because you could be under the impression that a floor raised in this fashion cannot benefit your operations. You might simply think that the costs involved in installing such a floor for storage and access outweigh the benefits. However, as leaders in the South African market, we are in the business of providing access floors that are of the finest quality in our industry at a fair price. If you surmise that you do not stand to gain anything from a floor raised for storage and warehousing, perhaps you have not considered the basic structure of it. Raised steel panels are placed on an under-structure of pedestals to form a grill-like structure over the existing floor. This leaves the entire underside of the floor’s surface area for housing of power cables, data, telecom/voice, air conditioning, fire detection and suppression and more—even offices can be a de-cluttered working environment. Call centres could especially benefit from running all cabling beneath a floor strong enough to support the 15000 square-metre OUTsurance Call Centre and all people and equipment involved above the surface.

Which other businesses—large or small—can benefit from this plentiful underground storage?

  • Server Rooms, Data Centres, General Offices and Banks.
  • Telecom Closets
  • Conference Rooms
  • Casinos
  • Laboratories
  • Lobby/reception areas
  • Training facilities
  • Print Rooms and Telecommunication Centres
  • Auditoriums, Computer Rooms, Libraries and Archives
  • Cafeterias, Break Rooms and Much More

Couple this with the fact that we have operations situated in all of the following countries worldwide and it becomes clear that an access floor raised for your convenience is both possible and useful in any business.

  • Austria and Algeria
  • Belgium and Bulgaria
  • Croatia, Cyprus and Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland and France
  • Germany and Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland and Italy
  • Latvia, Lithuania, Libya and Luxembourg
  • Malta and Morocco
  • The Netherlands
  • Poland and Portugal
  • Romania, Russia and Reunion
  • Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain and Sweden
  • The UK

Floors can be raised and constructed to fulfil your specific requirements, making it a customisable storage and de-cluttering solution. Our under-floor modular wiring and cabling as well as under-floor air systems provide a cost effective solution when pitted against running wires and cabling in walls and furniture, which is rigid, expensive and limits what you can change in the space. In the long run the benefits do outweigh the installation costs, so why not give access flooring a try to revolutionise and streamline your operations?

Raised access flooring is the solution of the future, as it creates a fully accessible floor void under which all services can be run.
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