Access Raised Flooring

Access raised flooring is the ultimate electronic solution for your organisation and we, here at Pentafloor®, would love to take a moment to tell you about access raised flooring.

The floor access system is the way to go in many an organisation, but how does it work? What is raised flooring? A raised flooring system, also referred to as ‘access floors’, is a flooring system that places elevated tiles above the solid substructure of your current floor surface. These elevated tiles need be properly supported to be weight bearing. What is the purpose then of having access raised flooring in your organisation then? Well, there are a number of benefits to choosing access raised flooring for your organisation, but the specific purposes thereof depends on your needs and requirements. In general, access raised flooring holds the following benefits:

  • For Schools and Universities: Having access raised flooring installed in such as schools, offices and universities allows a greater consideration of safety and – in the longer run – a significant saving on electrical maintenance costs. Ordinarily, electrical wiring is relayed through the wall of a building, and – haphazardly – wiring for such as video equipment and computers simply runs across the floor. Access raised flooring provides a solution to that, with allowing the wiring to run in the access floor space, that is the space between the actual floor and the raised floor. Should electrical components then be maintained or replaced, it is as simple as removing a tile from the appropriate area, instead of having to break into walls. It does also, of course, go without saying that having the wiring run under the floor instead of across it is a much safer option.
  • For Computer Room Flooring and Server Room Flooring: Access raised flooring can serve the same purpose as outlined above, with the added benefit of also providing ventilation space for much needed air flow from computer and server rooms. For more about this, please do ask us.
  • For Offices: For the likes of public offices, where the access raised flooring tiles might not suit the style or design of the office, the access floors can easily be covered with carpeting or other flooring options.

Access raised flooring is also ideal for such as hospitals, call centres and so much more. To find out if and how access raised flooring can benefit your organisation, please click here.

Antistatic Floor Mats for Your Equipment or Server Room

Antistatic floor mats for your equipment or server room are also a must. When considering floor mats for your business, antistatic is the way to go. How does it work? As per Wikipedia, an antistatic floor mat or ground mat is one of a number of antistatic devices designed to help eliminate static electricity. It does this by having a controlled low resistance: A metal mat would keep parts grounded, but would short out exposed parts; an insulating mat would provide no ground reference and so would not provide grounding. Typical resistance is on the order of 105 to 108 ohms between points on the mat and to ground.
To find out about the necessity of antistatic floor mats for your equipment or server room, please do contact us.

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