An Access Floor for Telecommunications

With Pentafloor®, when you need an access floor installed to house all your telecommunications applications. An access floor available for general purpose use, does not address the special requirements needed for telecommunications applications.  The general types of access floors in telecommunications data centres include: stringerless, stringered and structural platforms.

A telecommunications access floor facility for a large corporation may contain continuous lineups of equipment cabinets. The most densely populated installation configuration would consist of rows of continuous 2 foot wide equipment cabinets with aisles that separate 2 foot wide adjacent rows. This lineup configuration is considered to be the most densely populated in terms of square foot area and, therefore, the largest floor load anticipated for a raised floor system.   So, if you run a large corporation and have been concerned about how you should go about installing access floors, Pentafloor® we have all the answers.

Access Floor Systems

Pentafloor® can provide your company with an access floor built to the highest standards, suitable to your specific requirements. We believe that because of the rapid development of technology and the ever increasing need to install access flooring, we have been able to establish solutions that facilitate the delivery of power, telecommunication data and other services where required.  We can even make use of as little as 2 inches of space to install a floor, raised a small measure above the offending telephone wires and electrical cabling.

Our access flooring is designed to meet the most demanding of new building or refurbishment instructions.  We have proven ourselves to be a cost effective and flexible solution to all your access flooring needs. Whether for commercial offices, hospitals, IT servers or reception areas, there is a Pentafloor®, access floor solution, for every raised flooring problem.

At Pentafloor® we specialise in access floor installation, and our previous projects and applications have included commercial offices, computer suites, data centres, retail and leisure establishment. We recognise that today’s buildings need to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate tomorrow’s needs. The incorporation of a well constructed and perfectly installed raised floor system provides a safe but easily accessible environment in which to house critical services such as power, data, heating, ventilation and cooling systems.

Should you have a project being undertaken that requires supervision of the quality and planning of the installation we can help. Pentafloor® have perfected providing access floors to all who have called on our expertise.
It's can easily be said that we are specialists in constructing access floors, with floors, raised only a few inches being all that you need to solve the problem of unsafe wiring and cables.  At Pentafloor® we can plan precisely what your material requirement would be, making it possible to give you a detailed, accurate and competitive estimate.

Pentafloor® can install every kind of floor access necessary to give you optimum accessibility to your cables and wiring with a seamless finish to all our work, our good reputation and world renowned bears witness to this fact.
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