Computer Room Flooring

Pentafloor® can assist you in ensuring that you enjoy a functional work environment through our access floor systems and flooring for computer rooms (flooring that is made from the finest materials). And you get this simply by picking up your phone and getting in touch with one of our friendly and willing consultants.
Getting computer room flooring for your business has never before been this easy. Having good quality computer room flooring is a must- and we at Pentafloor®can give that to you... and more! So, for the ultimate in computer room flooring in South Africa and antistatic floor mats for your businessget in touch with Pentafloor® today! We are the company that you have been looking for that can by relied upon for floor access systems and computer room flooring designs that will meet and exceed all of your expectations!
Access floors are usually used as part of the computer room flooring design this is so that space is provided for the large amount of wires and cables –this without affecting the work space of the employees.
The mainstream raised access floor usually:

  • Consists of 600 x 600mm floor panels,
  • Generally manufactured with steel sheets,
  • Welded construction filled with lightweight cement to provide a strong, quiet accessible floor structure, that are supported by adjustable under structure support pedestals.

Unmatched server room flooring

We here at Pentafloor® are confident enough to say that we are the best in the business of server room flooring in South Africa and we have the goods to back it up. From installing raised server room flooring and access floors to monitoring increasing power requirements, we here at Pentafloor® are the ideal provider for planning and designing server rooms and helping to maintain and monitor them once installation is complete.
Raised flooring systems are appreciated by both operations people and server room design firms for their flexibility. The requirements for both conditioned cold air and power distribution add to the popularity of raised server room flooring/access floors. In most cases, it is easier to install and maintain under-floor branch circuits than ceiling-mounted branch circuits. Recently amany people are opting for the growing trend of making use of a power and data cable pathway as part of the cupboard system.With regards to power requirements, the number of branch circuits per square foot in today's data centre is much greater than in the past.
The raised server room flooring was developed to provide the following:

  • A copper ground grid for grounding of equipment
  • A distribution system for conditioned cold air
  • Tracks, conduits, and/or supports for data cabling
  • A location to run chilled water and/or other piping
  • Conduits for power cabling

You can count on one of highly skilled staff of tradesmen and office personnel at Pentafloor® who have many years of know-how in installation, supervision and technical background in the access floor industry. You can rest assured when working with us here at Pentafloor® because quality server room flooring is our areas of expertise.

For results that you know you can count on, let Pentafloor® continue to serve you throughout the implementation and maintenance process. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the advantages of server room flooring flooring and computer room flooring.
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