Floor Mats for Your Company

We here at Pentafloor® sell floor mats for your company... with a twist. Our floor mats for server room flooring in South Africa are anti-static! But what is an antistatic floor mat for server room flooring, exactly?

According to Wikipedia:
An antistatic floor mat for companies is one of a number of antistatic devices designed to help eliminate static electricity. It does this by having a controlled low resistance: a metal mat would keep parts grounded but would short out exposed parts; an insulating mat would provide no ground reference and so would not provide grounding. Typical resistance is on the order of 105 to 108 ohms between points on the mat and to ground. The mat would need to be grounded (earthed). This is usually accomplished by plugging into the grounded line in an electrical outlet. It's important to discharge at a slow rate; therefore a resistor should be used in earthing the mat. The resistor, as well as allowing high-voltage charges to leak through to earth, also prevents a shock hazard when working with low-voltage parts.
An antistatic floor mat for eliminating static electricity is perfect for computer room flooring. We all know how bad the static electricity gets during those harsh winter months! There truly is nothing worse than a static shock. An antistatic floor mat for your business is a wonderful tool that will be appreciated by all! Get one right now here at Pentafloor®! We are here for all of your flooring solutions...

Flooring in South Africa

Did you know that we at Pentafloor® are partnered with one of the best companies providing flooring in South Africa and the rest of the world? That’s right- Shaw Contract Group! The Shaw Contract Group:

  • Is the world's largest carpet manufacturer
  • Is headquartered in Dalton, Georgia
  • Was founded way back in 1967
  • Enjoys an annual revenue of $4 Billion
  • Is the global provider of carpet, rugs, hardwood, laminate, tile & stone, turf and services for residential and commercial markets
  • Is the world’s largest carpet fibre producer

Hand in hand, we work hard in order to be able to provide our clients with the finest carpets and flooring in South Africa. Here at Pentafloor®, we can supply you with access raised flooring systems, as well as useful antistatic floor mats for computer room flooring. In South Africa, we are famous for our top quality access floors. But what is raised flooring in South Africa, exactly? A floor access system is basically a small area of floor that is raised and that can be used to operate the many electrical systems in your business without taking up as much space.
To learn more about fine flooring for your company, as well as about antistatic floor mats for server room flooring, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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