High-quality access flooring breeds satisfied customers

As one of the leading suppliers of high-quality access flooring in South Africa, Pentafloor® enjoys strategic alliances with its manufacturing channel, thus guaranteeing that it can deliver a costeffective solution for any access flooring requirement. Experts have applied their individual experience and expertise
into the design and manufacture of these unique patented products, and over 1,4 million m² of Pentafloor® access flooring is produced and installed annually, all over the globe. Pentafloor® products are certified and there are strict quality controls on all components to ensure that the product meets the highest international standards at all times. High-strength corners are a feature of Pentafloor® panels, which are provided with 90º drawn steel beam corners filled with high-strength
cement. Any load placed on the panel will be transferred to the panel corners before travelling through the pedestals to the subfloor.

Even though these deep drawn beam corners represent a difficult manufacturing process, it is carried out in order to achieve the ultimate loading capacity necessary. This prevents upward bending of corners or dishing of panels. Cement is injected by high-pressure pumps to ensure complete saturation of the panel, and the strength of the corner areas of the panel is the determining factor for an excellent raised floor system. Antistatic access floors from Pentafloor® have a high load capacity and are fireproof as an all-steel sheet construction, as well as being provided with an anticorrosive, hardwearing, light-gloss epoxycoated surface. Finished with a decorative high-pressure laminate panel, it provides antistatic properties which ensure that it is easy to clean and very hardwearing with an attractive finish. It also offers accuracy with regard to height, is interchangeable, and is simple to install and dismantle, as well as providing ease of maintenance. In the manufacturing process cold-rolled steel sheets are punched and spot-welded to produce the panels, which are then phosphoreted, coated with epoxy powder and the interior cavity injected with a foamed cement.

A fireproof HPL hardwearing or conductive.PVC tile is then fixed to the plate, and all edges are finished with conductive PVC. Ideal for large computer installations, communication centres, and electrical control rooms, Pentafloor also has a conductive access flooring system to suit any requirement. Its appearance resembles a marble finish with a good decorative appeal, and it is widely used in telecommunications, electrical, electronics, micro-electronic control rooms, medical facilities and workshops – in fact, anywhere that a static-free environment is crucial. Pentafloor® products undergo a stringent quality control process that includes testing with advanced analytical equipment in a dedicated testing centre, thus guaranteeing that these products comply or exceed industry standards with a 100% pass rate (cisco). Through innovation from Pentafloor®, specialised 1,2 m long span systems have been developed. The quality of Pentafloor® products is the foundation for its guarantees and the instilling of confidence in its customers which, in South Africa, includes top companies such as banks, data centres, telecommunications, airports and many more.

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