How to improve your computer room using access flooring

You need a computer room that is safe and practical. If you are struggling with lots of cables and a lack of space then you need to know how to improve your computer room with access flooring.

When you are working in a large corporation it is a necessity to have a computer room. This room will house the main computer server as well as all of the cabling. Although this computer room may not have a lot of traffic, it still needs to be practical. You can learn how to use access flooring properly in your computer room. Access flooring is a raised flooring that is placed on top of your original concrete floor. Instead of having to tape down all of your cables on your original flooring and hope that nothing gets damaged, you can use an access floor.

In order for your computer room to work properly you need to make sure that it is a safe area. Having cabling lying everywhere is not appropriate. When you choose to install an access floor in your computer room, the following steps are taken:

  1. All the cabling is plugged into the correct areas.
  2. Cabling is placed neatly on the floor and taped down in straight lines. If you have a lot of tiny cables you can buy a “cable snake” and put all of the small cables together, keeping them safe and secure.
  3. Test that the computer is working properly, with the cabling now neatly taped down onto the floor. If everything works then the installation of the floor can begin.
  4. Installing of the floor. The floor is comprised of three aspects, pedestals, the stringer and floor panels. The pedestals are placed down first with the stringer then attached to secure them. Once the pedestals are all in place and secure, the floor panels will be placed on top.
  5. Enjoy a safe and secure computer room.

The access flooring will hide all of your cables away and keep them safe. Which will certainly improve your computer room. Al of the floor panels are completely removable, hence the name access flooring. You can regularly check your cables and sort out any issues by simply lifting up the floor panel where the issue is. Access flooring is definitely the solution to help you run a more successful computer room.

Can I install access flooring myself?

Although, the installation of access flooring may sound like a simple process, it actually requires skill and patience. If you are interested in installing an access floor then you need to seek the advice of the professionals. Here at Pentafloor we can provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need. Our skills are not only limited to installing access flooring, but we can also create staggered flooring for seminar rooms. We have a wide variety of access floor designs for you to choose from and always endeavour to provide our clients with unique solutions. For more information on the services we provide you can visit our website

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