How Access Flooring Combats Static Charges

Want to know how access flooring combats static charges? You should also definitely focus on why it is important to have those charges combated. Electrostatic discharge, or ESD as it is more commonly known, is something that is absolutely unavoidable, especially during the dry winter months that most countries experience. ESD gets generated at the drop of a hat, it can be made by something as simple as shoes walking along carpeted ground. ESD is triggered when there is an imbalance of electrons present on a surface. Electrons themselves will always try to return to their opposing elements. So positive will go to negative and vice versa. If however there is no opposing electron, or a shortage, the extra electrons start the ESD.

You might think that this is something that is trivial, as the worst that can happen is you get a small sharp shock, but in reality it can be a whole lot worse. If you are in an environment that has got highly sensitive electrical technology, then you will want to avoid ESD altogether. The truth is that a tiny electron imbalance can actually cause a sensitive machine to malfunction. In the case of very expensive machinery this is the worst possible outcome of course. But, thankfully, it can be stopped.

Raise the floor, not the roof

When you put down an access flooring system, you will not regret it at all. The access floor comes equipped with anti-static mats that destroy any chance of ESD taking place. Anti-static mats have traditionally been placed underneath keyboards of computers and other sensitive areas to make sure that no ESD takes place thus wrecking the central systems.

The most prevalent use of an anti-static mat however is to make sure that the effects of ESD are not as strong as they could be. ESD can be the cause of fires and other disasters, especially in places like server rooms where there are a lot of really valuable cables that need to be protected. This is why you put an access floor in places like your server room. Not only will the anti-static mats reduce the chances of ESD, but all of your employees can safely walk in and out of the room without the fear of triggering some nasty static.

An access floor can be lifted up piece by piece, meaning that you can also safely and conveniently conduct maintenance on any server cables that may be in need of it.

So overall, anti-static access flooring is definitely the way to go if you are in a environment that has got lots of volatile equipment in it. Not only will you be saving the equipment, but you will also not have to endure the irritation of static shocks yourself.

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