How often should you maintain your access flooring?

When it comes to maintaining your access floors, only the best will do. You do however have to know what you are doing, considering that incorrect maintenance will result in damage to the floor and it being rendered obsolete. This is the least desirable outcome, simply because you will have to spend a lot of money on coming up with a replacement. If however you treat your access flooring with care, it will last you for ages. Before the subject of how often you should maintain access flooring gets tackled, the question of what it is will be examined and taken a look at.

What exactly is access flooring?

A raised access floor comprises of load bearing floor panels laid in a horizontal grid supported by adjustable vertical pedestals to provide an under floor space for the housing and distribution of services. The floor panels are readily removable to allow quick access to the under floor services. Access floors are used all over the place, but have found a unique spot in the world of data centres and server rooms. This is because both environments are fairly hazardous places to be in considering the fact that there are cables everywhere and therefore the tripping hazard increases greatly. There is also a concern when it comes to the wellbeing of the cables themselves. If they have people constantly walking all over them, they could be open to some serious damage, should their wires be exposed. Having an access floor makes sure that the surrounding area is safe for everyone concerned. There are different types of finished that the floor planks can have, they come in laminate, vinyl, anti-static carpet tiles and marble, wood and ceramic. Depending on what type of finish your access floor has, you will have to do varying types of maintenance.

When it comes to doing maintenance, there are a couple of different things that need to be done. When it comes to the top of the floor, the usual cleaning must be conducted, according to what is suitable for the surface. The carpet tiles should not be immersed in water, but they should of course be vacuum cleaned regularly, just so that they can stay clean and dust free. The other forms of floor finish, should be cleaned with detergents that are sensitive and non-corrosive or abrasive.
One of the most important factors when it comes to the maintenance of your access floor is the frequency with which you should maintain certain parts of it. Not all parts should be cleaned at the same time, or on a daily basis. The floor planks should be cleaned weekly, however, if they are not all that dirty, they should be left alone. As for everything else, that should be deep cleaned three times yearly. There comes a time when the floor needs to be taken apart and all of its components cleaned.

Access floors are made up of three components. There are the floor planks, the pedestals that keep the floor raised and the stringers, the parts that are designed to hold the pedestals together. The whole floor needs to be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly, so that the parts do not start to gather dust and other unsavoury materials that may weaken the structure of the floor. The sub floor also needs to be cleansed whenever the overall deep cleaning of the floor gets done, simply because there is also lots of dirt and dust that can gather on this floor, contaminating the pedestals and stringers.
The general consensus on maintaining access floors is that you should maintain the surface at least twice monthly and the sub floor three times yearly. If you take care of your access floor properly, you will have a floor that will be with you for life.

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