Why use Pentafloor™?

Our Solutions to Warped Access Floor Panels
High strength cement fill, along with special designed high strength steel corners, gives products by Pentafloor™ the best corner panel loading in the industry.

Most widely used panel design in the world with full strength corners where it is needed most, as well as undergoing rigorous performance testing.

The point of failure or collapse is the single most important indicator of performance. Be sure to look at the ultimate distributed load and concentrated load value when selecting an access floor panel for your application. However, due consideration most be given to ultimate distributed load and concentrated load.

High Strength Corners

Our Panels come with 90 degree drawn steel beam corners, filled with high strength cement. Any load placed on the panel will be transferred to the panel corners before traveling through the pedestals to the sub floor.

Even though our deep drawn beam corner is a difficult manufacturing process, it is done in order to achieve the ultimate loading capacity necessary.

This prevents upward bending of corners or dishing of panels. Cement is injected by high pressure pump to ensure complete saturation of the panel.

The Strength of the corner areas of the panel is the ultimate determining factor for an excellent raised floor system.

Ultimate Load Capacity

Ultimate load capacity is defined as the point at which panel failure occurs. Our panels are designed and built to a minimum safety factor of 2.5 x design load. This prevents failure that could lead to injury or massive equipment damage.

Our Track Record

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Performance Guide Steel Cementitious Infill Perforated Panels Flooring Finishes Internationl Test Results

Perforated Panels

Panel System Weight Static Loads Rolling Loads Impact Loads
Conc. Uniform Ultimate 10 Passes 10,000 Passes
FS 1000 Bolted Stringer 46kg/m² 4.5KN 15KN 17KN 3.6KN 2.7KN 68Kg
FS 1000 Bolted Stringer 51kg/m² 5.7KN 20KN 22KN 4.5KN 3.6KN 68Kg
FS 1250 Bolted Stringer 56Kg/m² 6.8KN 23KN 25KN 5.7KNN 4.5KN 68Kg

Our height adjustable perforated panels form part of a series. Our solution is the only one available that allows adjustment in thickness to ensure the panels sit flush with adjacent solid panels.

The AF200 is available in all HPL thicknesses. This features, 25% perforation that allows for significant air movement and is available with or without mechanical dampers.

Perforated Panels Perforated Panels


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