Penta Green

Penta GREEN “for a sustainable future”

PentaGreen Sustainable Future

Creating an effective Green Environment within a building means responding both to the requirements of nature, whose resources, as we all know, are becoming increasingly limited, and to the unique array of requirements of the employees who utilize the building on a daily basis – buildings in which they spend a significant deal of their time due to the fact that these buildings form the cornerstones of their lives in that their occupations are precisely the factor that provide them with their means with which to live. Thus, the quality of the workplace becomes a major determinant in the quality of an employee’s life.

Penta GREEN Solution

PentaGreen Solution

Access Flooring from Pentafloor® design cuts costs by means of utilizing underground space by means of an Underfloor Service Distribution network consisting of:

  • Underfloor Modular Wiring and Cabling
  • And an underfloor Air system
Underfloor Service Distribution Network from Pentafloor® provides a cost effective solution to all conventional building design difficulties such as:

  • Running wiring and cabling in walls and furniture is rigid and expensive
Access Floorings’ modular ‘plug and play’ connectors provide point of use termination so that only terminals that will be used are installed.

  • Rigid, fixed ductwork requires slow, labor-intensive installation

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