The IT server room solution: Raised access flooring

When you are in the IT server room at work, do you ever get overwhelmed by the amount of cables that are in there? You most likely do and it is not unusual for that to happen. The truth is that It and server rooms are overrun with cables all over the place, and they need to be. Without those cables your company would not have its internet access or anything else that you need in order to make a business run successfully. The problem is that they pose a threat and a health hazard at the same time. This is because you can trip over any one of these cables and not only risk falling, but also electrocution as well, so the server room is not always the place that you want to be. So how exactly can your protect the floor?

The best place to start is by installing a raised floor system. This is a system that consists of a set of floor planks that are built to be raised off the floor underneath. It is in the underneath space that you can keep all of your cables, and on the top floor, you can have the walking room. The great thing about having a raised floor is that the planks can be lifted at any time so that you can do the necessary cable maintenance on your server cables, as and when it is necessary.

One of the main reasons that you need raised access flooring in your server room is to avoid injury lawsuits. Such an environment can be hazardous, and you do not want to lose your best employees to unnecessary accidents in the workplace. Once you have a raised floor, you should be able to not have any accidents in your workplace and you will be able to promise your employees that guarantee of safety.

A raised floor that goes in your IT server room is made up of three parts, a pedestal, a stringer and of course the planks. The pedestals are the ones that keep the floor elevated, the stringers keep the pedestals connected to each other and the floor planks rest on top. You can choose any type of finish for the floor planks, as they are very easy to maintain and keep. They should be easy to maintain, and you can keep them clean by the normal cleaning methods, as they are not very high maintenance if they get cleaned regularly.

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