The Access Floor Design

When it comes to the access floor design, we at Pentafloor are the best known company in South Africa and beyond. With companies based all over the globe, we know what we are doing with regard to creating solutions for your server room. We have dedicated ourselves to perfecting our general design and we cannot wait to prove to you why we are the access flooring company of choice.

Here is what Wikipedia had to say about the general access floor design:

This type of floor consists of a gridded metal framework or substructure of adjustable-height supports (called "pedestals") that provide support for removable (liftable) floor panels, which are usually 2×2 feet or 60×60 cm in size. The height of the legs/pedestals is dictated by the volume of cables and other services provided beneath, but typically arranged for a clearance of at least six inches or 15 cm. The panels are normally made of steel-clad particleboard or a steel panel with a cementitious internal core, although some tiles have hollow cores. Panels may be covered with a variety of flooring finishes to suit the application, such as carpet tiles, high-pressure laminates, marble, stone, and antistatic finishes for use in computer rooms and laboratories. When using a panel with a cement top surface the panels are sometimes left bare and sealed or stained and sealed to create a tile appearance and save the customer money. This bare application is used most often in office atria, hallways, lobbies, museums, casinos, etc. (

Now take a look at a break down of the Pentafloor® access floor design:

  • Our access flooring design really stands out. Why? Becuase we take the time to ensure that every last detail has been considered and perfected. Strength is our number one concern – which is why our access floors are famous for their durability.
  • Our Panels come with 90 degree drawn steel beam corners, filled with high strength cement that ensures the ultimate in durability. Any load that is placed on the panel will be transferred to the panel corners before travelling through the pedestals to the sub floor. Our access floor designs are therefore some of the sturdiest available on the market today and are also suitable for both small and large server rooms.
  • Even though our deep drawn beam corner results in a difficult manufacturing process, it is done in order to achieve the ultimate loading capacity necessary. We go that extra mile in order to supply our clients with a product that they can count on – a product that can withstand even the heaviest of loads.
  • The deep drawn beam corner prevents upward bending of the corners, as well as the dishing of the panels. Cement is injected by means of a unique high pressure pump so as to ensure complete saturation of the panel.
  • The Strength of the corner areas of the panel is the ultimate determining factor for an excellent floor raised system. For an access floor to remain sturdy, strength is always one of the most important factors. Pentafloor® is renowned for providing customers with access floors that are strong from start to finish... enough said.
  • Ultimate load capacity is defined as the point at which panel failure occurs. Our panels are designed and built to a minimum safety factor of 2.5 x design load. This dedication to proper safety and unyielding strength ultimately prevents failure that could lead to injury or massive equipment damage. In short, the Pentafloor® way is the ONLY way!

For more information about floor access systems the Pentafloor way, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team! Remember, we also specialise in professional maintenance services for access floors. Every access flooring solution should be maintained on a regular basis in order to ensure long lasting quality and value for money.

The access floor that will transform your server room completely is just a single phone call away! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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