Your computer room: What is a raised floor?

In your computer room, there will always be cable and other tripping hazards. These are however easy enough to remedy if you are at home. If however you run a company that has a server room, you need to think about the safety of your employees. Every employee can file a suit against you for endangerment or injury should something happen to them while they are running cable maintenance. So what is the solution to this?

Of late, a very obvious solution to this problem has been to install a raised floor in the computer room. A raised or access floor as it is sometimes known, is a floor that is built on top of an existing floor, so that all of the cables can be kept where they are, but people can still walk on the floor that is on top, without tripping or finding themselves falling foul of any other hazards posed by loose cables. This is the most basic break down of a raised floor, it is however a bit more complex than that, as it is important to understand the parts that are present within it, so that you can maintain it properly once you have it.

The raised floor is built from three parts:

  • The pedestals. These are the foundations of the floor. They are the metal pegs that keep the planks suspended. These are the most important parts of the floor, because they need to be sturdy. These pegs are load bearing and can support a lot of weight, which is necessary, considering that everything will rest on top of them once the floor is installed. The pedestals need to be cleaned every six months when the floor is dismantled.
  • The floor planks. These are the plans that make up the floor. They come in various types of finishes, including vinyl, laminate, tile, wood. You can choose nay finish of your choice, as they are all equally as durable. One of the most popular finishes is without a doubt carpet tile. It is the easiest finish to clean and take care of, since all it needs is a vacuum, once weekly. These planks themselves are very strong and durable and you should have no trouble maintain them. You can treat them as a normal floor, just don’t put too much water on them, as the water can seep through.
  • The stringer. This is one of the most important parts of the raised floor. It is the one thing that keeps the pedestals strong. They form connections between the pedestals that are firm and strong and that ensure that the pedestals will not collapse on themselves. It is easy to see why the stringers are so important. Without them, the pedestals will not be able to stand up on their own and support the floor planks. These also need to be cleaned and maintain when the floor is lifted. You need to make sure that these stringers are top quality.

Now that you know what a raised floor is, you can install one in your computer or server room. While you may not think that it is the best thing to do, it is something that you should think seriously about. The reason for that is that you do not want any harm to come to anyone who may be in that room. If you take it into a home situation and think about small children who may have some issues with cables, then you will see the immediate reason as to why you should get this type of a floor.

Whatever you do, always get an access floor that is genuine and authentic. You do not want a floor like this to collapse, so it is best that you get it properly installed. Here at Pentafloor, we are dedicated to making sure that you have got access to the best floors in the country, along with everything else that you may need. We also provide you with the maintenance and any customer support that you might need.
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